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We offers you training for codeigniter framework.codeigniter is most widely used popular framework.codeigniter based only model,view,controller.If we need any database connection then it will go to model.If we need to sow output then it will go to view. Controller controls the whole thing and redirect from model to view. Codeigniter has several advantages because it has MVC Framework it has highest security less memory required coding optimization high speed with large amount of data from database.Here we will teach you codeigniter basic to advance by expert codeigniter developers more than experience 2 years. We will provide you necessary study material and software .We also arrange placement for CI DEVELOPERS.So if you learn codeigniter you have reach your right destiny

PHP OOPS Concept


PHP OOPS Object and Class

PHP OOPS Access specifiers ( Private , protected and public members)

PHP OOPS Types of members and scope of members

PHP OOPS constructor and destructor

PHP OOPS encapsulation

PHP OOPS $this inbuilt object of class

PHP OOPS parent , this , static , final

PHP abstract ,new keywords with example

PHP OOPS inheritance , multilevel inheritance

PHP OOPS function overloading and function overriding

PHP OOPS scope resolution operator (::)

PHP abstract class

PHP Interface

PHP polymorphism

PHP OOPS based MVC Architecture

Initial Setup and Configuration

Config Class, Database Config, Explanation of MVC Architecture

PHP OOPS based MVC Architecture

Advantage of MVC Architecture over basic programming structure

Programming and time efficiency over normal programming method

Difference Between Module , view and controller

How Module , view and cotroller work together

Business logic , application logic and layout presentation with the help of MVC architecture

Creating First Controller, Model & View





level 4 :Introduction to libraries

The Database Library

The Session Library

pagination library

level 5 :Introduction to helper

The Form Helper

The URL Helper

Cookie Helper

Date Helper

level 6 :Form Handling

Input Class

Form Validation Class

File Uploading Class

Security Class

Page Redirection

Download Helper

Database Configuration, Connecting to a Database,

Running Queries, Generating Query Results,

Selecting Data, Inserting Data,

Updating Data, Deleting Data,

Pagination of large data

profile Login logout program with using session library

Ajax implements in codeigniter

Creating an Export Function for Categories

Creating an Export Function for Products

Importing a CSV Import Library for Products

Live project of ecommerce site using codeigniter

We will take a brief exam on codeigniter that u have learned from Wake Up ICT Academy

…. Enjoy 🙂

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